Now that weather is warming up, you may want to consider updating your garden. 

Read on to find out how to update your outdoor space on a budget. 

1. Get Spring cleaning

Garden spring cleanYes, this may not be something you enjoy doing but every garden will benefit from a good tidy up. 

As well as clearing up leaves and rubbish, dig out weeds and any plants that have not survived the colder weather. 

Neaten the edge of your lawn for a more manicured look, power-wash grimy walls and give everything a sweep. 

2. Add some colourful plant pots

Planting pots to update your gardenA gorgeous garden would not be complete without some colour and now’s a great time of the year to start planning it. 

Plant a range of pots with summer-flowering bulbs and dot them around the space. 

If you can not wait a month or two for your bright blooms, make sure the pots you choose are cheery and colourful. 

3. Create a quiet corner

Quiet decking cornerMake the focus of your garden on creating a feeling of serenity and wellness. 

Position a garden bench of furniture set in a secluded corner to allow a space for quiet contemplation, surrounded by a thriving oasis of plants. 

By following the above, we are almost certain you will throw the best garden parties within your friend group.