The summer has finally come to the UK and you’re probably wondering what is the best colour for decking?

Let’s be honest, it’s no surprise we want to have the best house on the street and a perfect garden is essential for our socially distanced barbeques.

However, many struggle to match their decking boards to their home aesthetic so here is our ultimate guide for choosing the best colour for decking.

Wood Stain Colours- Brown

brown composite decking boards

Brown composite decking boards bring a sense of warmth to decks and are perfect for fitting in with natural surroundings.

Many homeowners like natural wood stain colours as they are lighter and work well with country and rustic designs.

This colour is also ideal for someone who wants a clean, minimal design on their deck and work well with both neutral and bright furniture and accessory colours.

If you’re looking to create a cosy, soothing place- this colour will help you to achieve that.

Wood Stain Colours- Greydark grey decking boards

In 2021 grey is no longer dull, and can add character to your decking. 

We’ve seen the colour grey take over windows, kitchen units and even bricks. 

If you’re looking for more modern look to match your already stunning home, try different shades of grey. 

A light grey decking is great to provide a neatural base for bright coloured accessories like reds and yellows. 

A darker grey works well with other colours like black and white to provide a sophisticated palette. 

composite decking colours

No matter what look you’re going for, at M&M Composite Decking, we have a wide range of colours to choose from for your residential or commercial property. 

To find out more on transforming your garden click here.