Composite decking has now taken centre stage for the new garden decking project, you only need to watch any of the garden shows to know that after 5 years of wood upkeep, people are switching to composite decking. 

And why wouldn’t you switch? wood decking is too time consuming and a hazard trap after 8 years due to splinting or the structural strength has failed with their foot going through. 

So, lets talk talk about how much is composite decking vs wood. 

On average, a wood deck will cost you anywhere from £16 to £30 per sqm plus installation. An average 20 sqm installation will cost £600. 

A good rule of thumb, the cheaper the wood the more maintenance, time and shorter its life span will be. 

On the other hand, composite decking will cost between £25 to £80 per sqm and upwards depending on the quality, design and strength. 

Both commercial and residential decking installations average £600 for an  area of 20 sqm. 

Please also be aware this cost is an estimate and does not include the supply of materials for the decking sub-structure or joist installation. 

At M&M Composites, our high quality decking boards are £30 per sqm and come in a wide range of colours. 

Grey composite decking boards is the most popular colour of 2021.

To see how much your garden transformation will cost you, contact our team here.