After learning all about the different types of composite decking boards you may now be considering- what is the best composite decking for your project.

At M&M Composites, we thrive in being open and honest regarding the type of composite decking best suited to your project and personal requirements.

When choosing composite decking boards there are many aspects of your project you need to consider. For example:

1. Budget

2. Maintenance

3. Quality

4. Fade

5. Slip Resistance

6. Project Installation & It’s Surroundings

To help you further and guide you in the right direction of which decking boards to consider when purchasing, we have detailed below what we believe are the best composite decking boards to use depending on your personal requirements.

1. Budget

We’ve all had a tough year both mentally and financially. So, if cost is your main focus, we would recommend our first-generation composite decking boards.

Our decking boards are 3D embossed and affordable for any size project.

2. Maintenance

It you’re looking for a low maintenance decking then we’d recommend second-generation wood plastic composite boards.

These boards require a regular clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water once a year. A quick hose down two to three times a year to ensure it will look its best for 25 years and beyond.

3. Qualitydark grey decking boards

Decking board quality is crucial.

If you choose M&M Composites as your decking supplier you can rest assured we will provide only the finest quality decking boards.

Our decking boards are affordable, eco-friendly, UV protected and come with a 20 year guarantee.

However, if you decide to choose an alternative supplier be aware of the following:

Ask your installer or supplier, where do the raw materials in the manufacturing process originate from, and ask whether they have certification of Grade A for quality.

4. Anti-slip Resistant

If you’re looking for worry-free anti-slip decking boards, then our first generation boards will be perfect.

These decking boards surface has benefited from a brushed treatment during it’s manufacturing process.

5. Fade Resistantcomposite decking colours

Unlike wood decking, our composite decking boards are fade-resistant.

Second-generation boards are perfect for retaining the decking colour for decades.

6. Installation and It’s Surroundings

If your decking project focus is the natural surroundings, e.g. climate, close to sea location, forest, jacuzzi, pools or water features you will need to truly focus on the pros and cons of all features of composite decking such as fade, maintenance and strength.

If the decking project is going to be installed in high vegetation areas (trees, bushes and plants) these areas are a breeding ground for mould and mildew. 

Taking the factors above, we’d recommend to install second-generation decking boards as it resists mould and mildew, meaning a lot less maintenance.

Your choice of composite decking is mainly down to personal requirements.

Whether you have a low budget with low maintenance, or a high-end and everlasting beauty appearance, our decking boards can help you achieve any project you have in mind.

For more information on choosing the best decking boards in 2021, contact our team of professionals.